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Youth Development Program


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Mark Richards                                          Sara Landis  
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Our Military Kids

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Sesame Street, Talk, Listen, Connect

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Childcare Program

Childcare Program

Need help paying for child care costs? We can help!

We appreciate the sacrifices that National Guard Families make and
are honored to help these great Families with the application process
that will connect them to the funding that can relieve the financial
burden of child care, especially during deployment.

Child care oversight for National Guard Families is handled by NACCRRA
(National Association of Child Care Resources and Referral Agencies),
the original agency responsible for providing child care services,
including referrals and subsidies.

Already receiving a subsidy:
You do not need to do any additional
paperwork, during this transition.

Have questions/concerns about an existing application?
Please contact NACCRRA at 1-800-424-2246 and leave voicemail.
If you do NOT receive a response from NACCRRA
within 24 hours please contact:

MAJ Brenda Golden 703-607-5448
Mrs. Paula Sumrall 703-607-1476
Your documents are already at NACCRRA and, while MAJ Golden
and Mrs. Sumrall do not have access to them, they will assist
you in determining the status in the event that NACCRRA does
not contact you within 24 hours.

Have not completed an application for a child care subsidy?
Please visit one of the following:
Your local Family Assistance Center (FAC) for application forms.
Your FAC will be able to answer your questions concerning new applications.
Click here to locate the Family Assistance Center closest to you.

If you need further assistance
with a new application, please contact:
Mrs. Nadine Moore 703-607-9817

Youth Safety & Preparedness



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Youth News & Events

Youth News & Events

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